Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers 

This is a Korean drama based on a man rather than a Japanese original manga flower that aired from January 5, 2009, to March 31 of the same year, and was produced by Group Eight. After this drama is aired, at the beginning of each year, it aims to broadcast dramas for teenagers, such as the God of Study, Dream High, and School 2013. This drama was the first step for Kim Hyun-Jung as an actor. And for Lee Min-ho, it is a work that can be safely regarded as the root of Lee Min-ho today. Among the actors in the role of F4, the popularity of the drama was prestigious by Kim Hyun-Joong, and the next few years ago was a hit sitcom, Kim Beom, who was the Jordanian rank in the high kick, to some extent. It was. In fact, apart from Kim Hyun-Jung, there were no actors who knew the names or faces of ordinary people. However, this drama changed her life, and now Lee Min-ho has become the top star among them. But the heroine, Gu Hye-sun, was the king and me.


boys over flower

While Delivering A Student's cleaning, Geum Jan Di Saves The lifetime of A Heavily Bullied Student, Lee Min Ha/Lee Ji Ha, At the foremost Prestigious School In South Korea. Her Actions Soon Became Public And Exposes The Bullying Within the varsity, Leading the general public to travel Against The Shinhwa Empire. To Silence The Public's Attention, Jan Di is obtainable A Swimming Scholarship To Shinhwa highschool Which She Declines But Her Family Forces Her To Attend.

During Her First Day At Shinhwa, Jan Di Learns Of The Famous F4 Geum Jan-di Dislikes Her Wealthy Classmates And Is Disgusted By The Obsession Surrounding The F4 Boys. Irked By Her Strong-Headed Nature, Gu Jun-pyo Singles Out Geum Jan-di To Bully But She Stands Up To Him And He Begins To Fall crazy together with her. Meanwhile, Geum Jan-di Develops Feelings For Yoon Ji-Hoo. She Soon Discovers That Yoon Ji-hoo Fosters A One-Sided Love For Min Seo-Hyun, A Successful Model And His Childhood Friend.

After Yoon Ji-hoo Leaves The Country To Pursue A Relationship With Min Seo-Hyun, Geum Jan-di Begins To Grudgingly Spend longer With Gu Jun-Pyo. He Declares To the varsity That She Is His Girlfriend. and therefore the Tragedy Begin….Geum Jan-di's Friend Oh Min-Ji Drugs Her At a celebration And Takes Pictures Of Her Lying Unconscious In Bed With a man. When The Photos Are Leaked within the School, Gu Jun-pyo Is Outraged And Believes That Geum Jan-di Has Been Cheating On Him. Afterward Oh Min-Ji Revealed That the issues Created By Him. Gu Jun-Pyo Apologizes For Doubting Geum Jan-di And Their Bond Grows Stronger.

Yoon Ji-hoo Returns, Causing Geum Jan-di To Feel Confused About Her Feelings. While Gu Jun-pyo Relentlessly Tries To Shower Her With Affection, She Is Increasingly Distracted By Yoon Ji-Hoo. During A Weekend Trip On a personal Island, Gu Jun-pyo Walks In On Her Sharing A Kiss With Yoon Ji-hoo And He Expresses His Hurt during a Rage. subsequent Morning, He Leaves The Island And Becomes Reclusive, Causing Geum Jan-di To Feel Guilty. She Realizes That She Is crazy With Him And Declares This When Gu Jun-pyo Feigns An Accident. within the Meantime Her ally, Chu Ga-Eul, Bonds With F4 Member So Yi-Jung.

This isn't the highest point of the story. the story is essentially beginning to happen. Will There Triangle Story Leads To A Good End Or They Separate Because Of Rich High Society?