pinocchio (2014 tv series)


pinocchio (2014 tv series)

Pinocchio this is a Korean drama  the year 2000, Ki Ha-myeong (Lee Jong-suk) is having a cheerful the existence with his folks and senior sibling Jae-myeong, until his dad Ki Ho-sang, the skipper of the firefighting crew, passes on in a manufacturing plant blast during a salvage endeavor alongside a few of his men. 

In a fight for appraisals, cold and ascertaining MSC correspondent Song Cha-Ok asserts that Ho-sang endures the impact, and is as of now secluded from everything since he was liable for the passings of his men.

 This makes the Ki family become their neighborhood and objects of national disdain. Ki Ho-sang's significant other slaughters herself and her more youthful child (Ha-myeong) by bouncing off a precipice. 

Be that as it may, Ha-myeong is alive, having been safeguarded from the water by Choi Gong-Pil, a benevolent old man who lives on Hyangri Island.

 Gong-Pil, who may either have Alzheimer's illness or injury initiated memory misfortune, accepts that Ha-Myung is his more seasoned child Choi Dal-PO, a bonehead who had passed on thirty years sooner. 

Ha-myeong, who has nobody else on the planet, grasps the trickiness and treats Gong-pil as his dad. Gong-Pil authoritatively embraces Ha-myeong, presently named Dal-Po. 

After five months, when Gong-pill's more youthful child Choi Dal-pyung moves to the island with his little girl Choi In-ha, they are astounded to be advised by Gong-pil to address an insignificant kid as their "more seasoned sibling" and "uncle". 

After five years, In-ha and Dal-Po are secondary school seniors and schoolmates at their unassuming community secondary school. 

In the wake of seeing Dal-Po on TV, and regardless of realizing that her Pinocchio disorder constrains her vocation decisions, In-ha chooses to turn into a columnist. here she can't lie without breaking into hiccups. 

Rather than deciding to pull back from the world, she has faith in coming out with the plain truth. In-ha decides to turn into a columnist since she accepts that it may carry her closer to her mom Song Cha-alright, whom she has constantly venerated. Obstinate and solid willed, In-ha accepts that all news revealed must be totally honest, and goes hard and fast so as to do as such.

 Together with Dal-PO, she disentangles reality behind a more noteworthy scheme, confronting her mom all the while. In spite of the fact that In-ha at first treats Dal-PO as family, her developing sentiments towards him become verifiable with her hiccups. 

Ha-Myung started to carry on with another life as Dal-Po. He shrouds his insight and past recollections behind an exterior. His affections for In-ha have consistently clashed with his contempt for her mom, however, he finds that he can't deny them as they become more established. 

Following quite a while of being a cab driver, he chooses to turn into a columnist with In-ha to demonstrate his family's guiltlessness, and show correspondent Song Cha-alright what being a genuine journalist implies. Nonetheless, Dal-PO before long understands that a journalist should continually battle with the possibility of equity and truth in our current reality where everybody needs to conceal the realities for their personal matters. 

Later in her profession, In-ha finds Choi Dal-Po's genuine character is Ki Ha-Myung and is nauseated by what her mom Cha-alright did to his family during the fire mishap. In a talk held by Cha-alright, In-ha faced her and in the process uncovering to Jae-Myung that Ha-Myung, his dead sibling, is really alive.

 Together, they attempt to bring Cha-alright down through their legitimate news detailing at the same time revealing a greater scheme in the news business. WILL THERE PROFESSIONAL LIFE and LOVE LIFE WILL SUCCESS OR NOT?