The King 2 Hearts


The King 2 Hearts

In 2012 South Korean television series, starring Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi within the leading roles. It is a few South Korean prince who falls crazy with a North Korean agent. The series aired on MBC from March 21 to May 24, 2012, for 20 episodes.

Set during a Fictional Present Day Where the Republic of Korea Is Governed Under A Constitutional Monarchy, "The King 2hearts," Tells The Story Of Prince Jae-Ha (Lee Seung-Gi) From the Republic of Korea And North Korean Special Force Instructor Kim Hang-Ah (Ha Ji-Won) Who Become Husband and Wife Through An Arranged Marriage.

 The Story Begin With Prince Jae-Ha Takes training.  The King (Lee Sung-Min) Announces That Military Officers From South And North Korea Will Hold Joint Training Sessions. The Unified Team Will partake in the Woc (World Officers Contest).

 Hang-Ah may be a Special Forces Instructor In North Korea. She may be a Great Soldier With Exceptional Skills, But Hang-Ah Longs to seek out A Fine Man To Marry, a bit like Other Ordinary Women. thanks to Her Career within the Military, She Has Never Been during a Romantic Relationship. A High Ranking officer Then Asks Hang-Ah to hitch The WOC. Hang-Ah Turns Down The Offer thanks to Fears it'd Hurt Her Ability To Eventually Marry.

 The High Ranking Officer Offers What If She Joins The WOC, The North Korean Government Will Take Responsibility For Her Marriage And Find Her the proper Man. Hang-Ah Accepts The Offer And With Two Other Members Travels To South Korea.

Jae-Ha is that the First One From The sovereignty Who Is Discharged From The Military As an espresso Ranking Private, But He Doesn't Care. Jae-Ha is essentially Excited to encourage His Release From The Military. Deplorably For Jae-Ha, He Learns That he's Selected As A Member Of The Joint Korean Team For The WOC. Jae-Ha Is Furious At His Older Brother, The King, But The King Threatens To Kick Him Out Of The Family If He Refuses. Jae-Ha Now Has No Choice But to hitch.

During The Training Period For WOC, North, And South Korean Military Officers Must Room Together. Jae-Ha Sees His Roommate, Busy Doing Martial Arts. Jae-Ha Runs To A High Ranking Officer And Asks For His Own Private Room. The High Ranking Officer Refuses His Request And Jae-Ha Must Room With Hang-Ah. 

 A Crucial Part In Establishing Friendly Relations Between the 2 Separate Countries. Regardless of the very actuality that the 2 Are Initially Antagonistic Towards each other, Jae-Ha Unwittingly Sparks A Friendship With Hang-Ah And He Subsequently Falls insane together with her . before long, An Arranged Marriage is about Up Between the 2 and that they Eventually Become Engaged.

While The Plan to Set Their Differences Aside And Build A Growing Relationship, Things Suddenly Take A Turn For the more extreme When King Jae-Kang And His Wife Are Assassinated By The Devious And Notorious psychological militant association, Club M, Led By John Mayer/Kim Bong-Gu (Yoon Je-Moon), A Mysterious Magician Who Is guided into Eliminating The sovereignty And Plans To preclude Their Stead. By and by Crowned The New King Of South Korea, Jae-Ha Must Learn To Be Responsible And Protect The Country Before it's Too Late.

  Will Jae-Ha Survived and Solve The Problem?




  1. I like this movie a lot because it good the only thing i didnt like it about they from difference area but i love it thank you ...

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