Hey Ghost, Let's Fight

Hey Ghost, Let's Fight

Hey Ghost, Let's Fight  

Jae-Ha is that the First One From The eminence Who Is Discharged From The Military As an espresso Ranking Private, But He Doesn't Care. Jae-Ha is basically Excited to encourage His Release From The Military. Unfortunately For Jae-Ha, He Learns That he's Selected As A Member Of The Joint Korean Team For The WOC.

 Jae-Ha Is Furious At His Older Brother, The King, But The King Threatens To Kick Him Out Of The Family If He Refuses. Jae-Ha Now Has No Choice But to hitch. 

During The Training Period For WOC, North And South Korean Military Officers Must Room Together. Jae-Ha Sees His Roommate, Busy Doing Martial Arts. Jae-Ha Runs To A High Ranking Officer And Asks For His Own Private Room.

The High Ranking Officer Refuses His Request And Jae-Ha Must Room With Hang-Ah. 

Hello Ghost, Let's Fight (Korean: 싸우자 귀신아; RR: Ssauja Gwisin-a) will be a South Korean TV arrangement featuring Ok Taecyeon, Kim So-Hyun and Kwon Yul. It is adjusted from the webtoon of a similar name which was serialized on Naver from 2007 to 2010. 

The arrangement circulated on link organize tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 (KST) for 16 scenes from July 11 to August 30, 2016. The arrangement was the ninth most-watched link show in Korea in 2016.

A living together satire about a phantom of a secondary school young lady. The story advances around this person that can see apparitions and even touch them - along these lines likewise battle them as they keep on annoying him through his day by day life. Park Bong-buddy (Ok Taecyeon) has grown up with the capacity to see phantoms. He utilizes his influence to fill in as an exorcist, banishing apparitions so as to bring in enough cash to experience a method that will remove his capacity. 

At a spooky secondary school, he experiences Kim Hyun-Ji (Kim So-Hyun) a feisty secondary school understudy who, in light of a car crash, turned into a meandering soul. Hyun-Ji accepts that Bong-buddy may hold the mystery about why she is a soul. So as to be liberated from interminably meandering the earth and have the option to climb to the following life, Hyun-Ji persuades Bong-buddy to give her move access, and the two become apparition battling accomplices.

With Hyun-Ji, Bong-pal finds that he can fight the even stronger
phantoms, yet additionally discover that not all apparitions are malignant. Working and living respectively, Bong-buddy, quite a while introvert, winds up beginning to look all starry eyed at Hyun-Ji, who restores his emotions. Nonetheless, both are ignorant that they are being stalked by a malevolent soul that was the reason for Hyun-Ji's mishap and is the explanation Bong-buddy can see ghosts. will there the story goes as typical individuals ?? watch Hey Ghost, Let's Fight