W -Two Worlds (TV series)

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W -Two Worlds (TV series)

W centers on the clash between "two worlds": the necessary world associate degreed an alternate universe within a webtoon, from that the title of the tv series was taken.

The series received praise for its distinctive premise and hierarchic 1st inside the Content Power Index in its premiere week.

In "Zonker-Frid", a fictional world, characters are unable to maneuver on their own; the only because of advance ar to possess someone else to follow them, and when finding a way to attach with the alternative characters, they visit the alternate world to work on their own homes. The show was discharged as a six-part.

Fantasy, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Supernatural Gothic The title of the tv series is taken from W, a fictional webtoon that became a bestseller in the Asian countries.

Authored by Ohio Seong-moo (Kim Eui-Sung), the webtoon became a living universe, engendering “two worlds”: the necessary world and thus the webtoon or W world.

The gap between the two worlds is closed as Seong-moo's girl and resident cardiothoracic doc Ohio Yeon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo) gets dragged into the webtoon world, inciting a series The plot of the webtoon W begins with Kang Chul's younger years once he picks up prevalence in Korean Peninsula through his triumph throughout a sport shooting contention throughout the 2004 Athens athletics.

His infamy gets destroyed once his perfect family is destroyed by associate degree obscure killer he is venally darned for the wrongdoing.

The savage examiner Han line Cheol-ho (Park Won-sang), another of Kang Chul's most despised enemies, handles the case and sentences him to death By and by, he has articulated exonerated of the wrongdoing thanks to his honesty, and Kang Chul chooses to take issue his brain. to help him, a close woman (Kang)

After eight years, Kang Chul turns into a multimillionaire by establishing a good net business, JN Globals. In his nonstop endeavors to catch and acquire revenge against the various offender in his family's passing, he leads the counter wrongdoing "Undertaking W" and deals with a TV telecommunication organization named W, when the initials of the interrogatives "who" and "why" (consequently, the title of the webtoon and after the TV arrangement). 

The organization manages wrongdoings connecting with the best investigators and legal advisors WHO unravel unsolved violations once the police neglect to aim to throughout this manner, spare the honest folks and find the various offenders.

 Kang Chul and his preserver Seo Do - Yoon catch criminals. His activities win him monumental regard in Choson and he is treated as a saint by people that eventually settle for his honesty.

 He acquires power than even the police. One night, he gets a suspicious decision, someone WHO discloses to him that he is aware of the various offenders behind his family's putting to death and is injured by a proportional strange killer on the roof of his flat once he goes to appear at.

will they get by in both worlds?
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