Something About 1 Percent

Something About 1 Percent

Something About 1 Percent

The Story Starts When Da Hyun helps Kyu Chul and in reward get an apple. 

Who is a male lead granddad By getting spared from Da Hyun? Kyu Chul gets his WILL change in meanwhile his grandson (male lead)Lee Jae In is startled at the news that Kyu Chul's composed will have been changed. The composed will peruses 'the vast majority of the property is to be acquired by the child who gets hitched to Da Hyun.' In this manner, Lee Jae In sets out scanning for a lady he doesn't know named Da Hyun.

Lee Jae In hurries to Kyu Chul and asks "For what reason did you pick my life partner with no counsel with me?" Kyu Chul says "I may hand over my organization to Tae Ha except if you follow my will." At last, Lee Jae In vows to acknowledge Kyu Chul's recommendation that he date Da Hyun.

As a deal, They reach the varsity and completely miss Da-Hyun, who’s playing outside together with her class. a brief while later, her name is broadcasted through the intercom, asking her to return to the staff room.

When Da-Hyun shows up, Legal counselor Park and Lee Jae close by her their business cards, and Attorney Park inquires as to whether she knows a Lee Kyu-Chul. Da-Hyun discloses to them that they should have an inappropriate instructor since none of her understudies pass by that name, and Lee Jae-in jeers accordingly.

Legal advisor Park explains that Lee Kyu-Chul is the leader of SH Gathering, yet that doesn't disclose anything to Da-Hyun, who's despite everything confounded with respect to why they're here to see her. Da-Hyun says Lee Jae-in has a great deal of cash, so he can give her whatever she requests, isn't that so? He asks what she needs, and amazingly, she requests new tech in her school library, new books, an indoor rec center for her children, and a mode of school transport. Gracious, and a major mirror for the movement practice room—she's the guide of the move club. In the event that he can select a few stars from the sky for science class as well…

"Whatever else?" he inquires. He can do everything except for the stars. She reveals to him she was kidding, however when he demands, she enlightens him not to stress regarding the school, yet rather help get another administration organization for "Our Ji-soo." He's stuck in a slave contract and may require a case to break free—can Lee Jae-in's lawyer help with that?  She lets him know truly that in the event that he can simply help with this, she'll do anything Lee Jae-in needs, aside from wedding him obviously. Ooh, would you say you are certain you need to make that promise?

Concurred, they exit Lee Jae-in take part in a six-month contract for an imagined relationship with Kim Da-Hyun (Jeon So-min) a grade teacher. 'One Percent of Anything' is an assumption appear about what happens when the pair discover their envision relationship has gotten unreasonably real?