Hua Jai Sila

Hua Jai Sila is a Thailand tv series. The sequence aired from March 4, 2019, to June 10, 2019, with a whole of 27 episodes. It is additionally the remake of the 2007 Thai sequence "Hua Jai Sila".

Cast :Tor Thanapob as Sila Wisetworawet,Ferny Nop Jira as Minta Kanasrikul,Sirapan Wattanajinda as Pimsuda Wisetworawet .

Hua Jai Sila,  Mingta

Tor is a loving toddler of a mistress and a rich hi-so man. After his mom dies from neglect, Tor is pressured to stay with his father’s family. Abused by means of his stepmother and stepbrother, he turns to the girl-next-door, Mingta, who additionally suffers forget about at the fingers of her so-called mom and sister.

One night, whilst being chased by using his stepmother, Tor jumps into a river and is presumed dead, although he survives. He is taken underneath the wing of every other prostitute who knew his mom and takes on a new lifestyle beneath the alias, Sila. Years later, he returns as a notorious, prosperous pimp, with plans to avenge his mom and to get revenge for the torture and ache added to him through his stepmother and stepbrother.

Sila's fundamental aim is to damage the humans that damage him as a child, however he by no means anticipated to see the sole pal he ever had as a child, Mingta. As quickly as they see every other, she realizes that he appears acquainted to her. She notices a ring he wears around his neck, and without delay comes to the conclusion that he is Tor, her childhood nice pal that supposedly died. But he denies it due to the fact of his revenge plan.

Mingta many times tries to show and get him to admit that he is Tor. But he many times denies it at all their a couple of encounters and confrontations due to the fact of his plans for revenge… Thus, Sila does a lot of matters to no longer solely get Mingta to no longer be concerned with him, however, to hold her safe. Because of his strategies to preserve her away, it works, however, it doesn’t work at equal time…

This is because, notwithstanding her loathing, hating him and vowing to continue to be away from him… believing that he is so awful to be her Tor Or to exchange to be her variety Tor. So Mingta relentlessly tries to hold her evil sister protected from him. Mingta’s intention is to guard her family, no count how horrible her stepmother and stepsister are to her, and she truly believes Sila is ruining her family, with her robust trust that he is Tor aiming for revenge on no longer solely his merciless stepmother and stepbrother however her personal ruthless sister too.

Anyways with each Sila’s and Mingta’s conflicting goals… their respective desires will absolutely hold them each jogging and clashing into every other

Will he get her revenge and mingta too?...