The Crown Princess

The Crown Princess is a Thailand tv series, premiered on May 14, 2018. It starred Urassaya Sperbund (Princess Alice) and Nadech Kugimiya (Lieutenant Commander Darwin).

The Crown Princess,princess

Series of a romance between a Crown Princess and her Thai bodyguard.
The Crown Princess is subsequent in line to the throne of a fictional kingdom referred to as Hrysos. Her existence was once put into chance after her coronation. The Princess traveled to Thailand for a diplomatic match where her existence was once threatened. She is pressured into hiding underneath the safety of her assigned bodyguard, the good-looking Lt. Commander Davin.
The Crown Princess

For the sake of princess protection, the bodyguard's potential male lead is married. To secretly disguise her identification for some time whilst hrysos scenario will bloodless down.

But the chaos never ends, trouble just begins in the door……