Born Again

       Born Again

Cheon Jeong Beom (2020),Kim Soo Hyuk (2020),Jung Sa Bin (2020)

Born Again this series begins at the present time & 1980's South Korea thrilling story.Title: Born Again/Bon eogein    Episodes: 16  Origin: Korean  Released: 20 Apr 20


Jang Ki Yong as Gong Ji Cheol (1986) / Cheon Jeong Beom (2020)

Lee Soo Hyuk as Cha Hyun Bin (1986) / Kim Soo Hyuk (2020)

Jin SeYeon as Jung Hae Eun (1986) / Jung Sa Bin (2020) 

The core of the play is set to have a revival element that gives momentum to its thrilling story. The series begins at the present time South Korea introduces the main characters at the present time. Jung Sa Bin (Jin Se Yeon) enters a bookstore in search of a book he had previously ordered. After a delay of a few minutes from the time she was about to live there, the book was given to someone else, Chong Jong Bam (Jung Ki Yong). 

She asks for the book from him while he scrambles over it but all he gets is an offer to buy from her. She gets angry and does not leave before complaining to the store clerk. When she goes outside, Sa Bin stands to praise Snow, but this puts her in the path of prosecutor Kim Soo Hyuk (Lee Soo Hyuk) who accidentally approaches her and quickly apologizes. I am The scene ends with all three characters outside the book store street, each on their way.

1980 s

The new set is started before showing Jung Ha Yun (Jin Se Yeon) and is immediately unlike her character and for her avatar. Huang Bin (Lee Soo Hyuk) is first shown at a crime scene where a young woman, dressed white and stabbed in a pair of socks, was stabbed. It reveals the work of a serial killer who goes after women with yellow umbrellas.

Hyung Bin suddenly feels his chest pain before the scene ends. For a strange reason, he gets it every time as does his future fiancée. Hae Yun however is not suffering from heart disease while she later meets at the store she works at and as she enters it, Gong Ji exits Cheol (Jung Ki Yong), Who has been secretly watching her.


In the 1980s Jin played a woman named Jung Ha-yoon, who is suffering from heart disease and needs a transplant. Currently she is Jung Sa-bin, a woman who loves solving forensic mysteries.

In the past, Zhang's character was Kong Ji-chol, a man physically and psychologically tortured by his father's monster, a man so desperate for love that he drives her to kill him. He loves Jung Ha-yoon, the only person who has ever been kind to him. Currently he returns as a medical student.

Lee Soo-hyuk plays the role of Cha Hyong-bin, who wants to marry and protect Jang Ha-yoon. He pursues a serial killer with ties to Gong Ji-chol, but does not know how he is involved with Jung Ha-yoon's life-saving treatment. In the present day he plays the role of a prosecutor named Kim Soo-hyok, a man who does not believe in criminals can change.