Cruel Romance

Zuo Zhen,Zhu Zhu
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Cruel Romance

Cruel Romance is a 2015 Chinese television series starring Huang Xiaoming and Joe Chen. The series aired from 3 March to 26 March 2015.

The play begins with how in the 1930s a female lead named Rong Jin Shiu (played by Jo Chen) persuaded her father for his teacher's gunshot wound and killed his entire family. Jin Shiu became the only survivor of the family and traveled to Shanghai to fulfill his teacher's final wish to give a critical watch to a certain man who would eventually come looking for him.

On a ferry to her destination, she accidentally rescues a famous triad leader named Xuo Zhen (played by Huang Xiao Ming). Jin Siuu manages to capture Zuo Zhen's interest by not falling for his charm and trying to avoid him at all costs. The two went their separate paths upon arriving at the port of Shanghai. But Jin Xi soon realizes that his watch was lost and believes it was with Xuo Zhen. She manages to find him in a dance hall where she finds her long-lost sister Yin Ming Zhu (played by Lv Jia Rong).

Ming Zhu refused to accept Jin Xi as his sister and has since resorted to all means to force her out of Shanghai. On the other hand, Jin Shiu managed to get back his watch and went to a man as a priest named Jiang Ying Dong (played by Kimi Kiao). A group of Japanese soldiers, led by Qian Tian Long Yi (played by Qi Jie), managed to get a hold of the clock and began to kill a lot of Chinese men who secretly work against the Japanese.

Zuo Zhen,Zhu Zhu,Cruel Romance
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here was a time when Qian Tian had seen Jin Xi and named him his first love Yang Xi, who had died in his arms a few years earlier. He befriends Jin Shiu and builds up his trust but becomes paranoid when he finds out Jin Shiu is cohabiting with Zhu Zhu. Qian Tian uses all methods and means to try to gain power in Shanghai but will always fail due to Zuo Zhen blocking his way. Qian Tian launches a game plan that involves kidnapping all those who can be used against Zuo Zhen. But he would never harm Jin Jinu, he also lied to Jin Xi that Zhu Zhu was the one who killed his entire family.