Fated to Love You

Fated to Love You

Fated to Love You,Lee Gun,Miyoung
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Fated to Love You may refer to:

  • Fated to Love You (2008 TV series), a Taiwanese television series

  • Fated to Love You (2014 TV series), a South Korean television series

  • You're My Destiny (2017 TV series), a Thai television series

  • You're My Destiny (2020 TV series), a Chinese television series

You Are My Destiny( Fated to Love You) is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Jang Hyuk, Jang Na-ra, Choi Jin-hyuk, and Wang Ji-won. It aired on MBC from July 2 to September 4, 2014, for 20 episodes.

Kim Mi-young (Jang Na-ra), a friendly but timid working hard worker, is a Post-It Girl because she has little education, sophistication, and status because she does a lot of other people's work besides herself. Or Song Ok Sook, who lived most of her life on a small island with her mother (playing restaurant-run Ahjumma), eventually changed everything when she went on vacation in Macau, which eventually leads to unexpected events. The fateful night of accidental enthusiasm with a corrupt and stupid arrogant wealthy heir of the chemical company Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk).

At the awkward moment of rehearsing the practice Lee Gun suggests to her loved one, Mi-young tries to hide and see what she accidentally opens and drinks from a bottle of water she doesn't know. And it deliberately attenuated the same-sex enhancer drug by two cunning creatine who wanted to intimidate prostitutes. The drug is very fleeing and sleepy for both. Ethan's hotel room door number was also accidentally messed up by the same two Cretans who drugged herself (#2009 flipped 9 like 6) and Miyoung accidentally entered her hotel room. It spreads to the bed next to Lee Gun.

While doping, Mi-young feels like a woman she wants to marry, old ballerina girlfriend Kang Ji-won (who has lived her life for years and he has become intimate with Mi-young during her tenure). Responsively, she thinks she's dreaming of a lawyer who came with her on a trip, and when she wakes up next to each other in the morning, two creatine get in and start taking pictures for an intimidating attempt and there's a race to catch the camera outside the hotel You will fall into the water.

Mi-young's meaningless existence changes completely when she learns that the chaebol heir's baby is pregnant. She eventually decides to do a moral job and have a baby.
Despite some misunderstandings, she eventually agrees to the "Shotgun" wedding due to the influence of President Lee's grandmother, Chairman. From a woman who is not exactly the status of a rich family. This made a tentative divorce document that would agree to the divorce after the baby was born.
Along with Miyoung, there is a compassionate ear from the best boyfriend, famous clothes designer Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk). She encourages her artistic talent, yet becomes a comfortable soundboard while making her instant decisions. life. Over time, he sees Mi-young having a hard time and eventually starts thinking that she can take care of Mi-young romantically. He says she's tired of seeing Lee Gun hurt and says she can provide a strong presence to rely on instead. She doesn't respond. No matter how poor the relationship is, it is clear that her heart is firmly established with her husband. However, Daniel has another major goal in life, finding a younger sister who has long lost this gun is to become someone other than the ballerina Sera who has been obsessed with the gun for years.

Fated to Love You,Lee Gun,Miyoung
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Lee and Miyoung decide to do their best in a bad situation and even start to have a little bond in their marriage. In addition, they begin to enjoy fetal visits, ultrasound examinations, maternity classes, etc., and usually expect the birth of a baby, nicknamed the Gae Ddong.

However, just when Lee Gun begins to show his growing affection for Mi Young, his selfish, troublesome family interferes with their relationship again, and after Lee Gun collapses from the stress of an inherited condition he has, called Huntington's Chorea, which affects his memory, his first love Se Ra re-enters the picture to try and stake her claim on him. 

Will she be able to break our married couple apart because he temporarily can't remember marrying Mi Young?

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