Cheese in the Trap

Cheese In The Trap is a South Korean television series. Cheese In The Trap TV series was starred by Park Hae-jin as Yoo Jung, Kim Go-Eun as Hong Seol, Seo Kang-Joon as Baek In-ho, and Lee Sung-Kyung as Baek In-ha. It has 16 episodes from January 4 to March 1, 2016.

Cheese in the Trap,Yoo Jeong,Hong Seol
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Cheese in the Trap
tells the stories of students on college campuses. The relationship between a girl named Hong Seol (Kim Go-yu) and a mysterious Yoo Jeong (Park Hai Jin) is a bit dark. Their relationship allows each of them to review not only the motives of everyone around them but also their own.

The heroine Hong Seol is a smart, diligent, and hardworking college student. She also has a kind heart and loves to help those around her (until some of her friends start using her). She comes from a poor family who runs a small restaurant. Hong Seol should always check out scholarships that are paid only to the best students, and he is always a first-class' student because his family can't afford tuition. Yoo Jeong.

Yoo Jeong (Senior Seol). He's handsome, intelligent, and successful, but secretly has a dark side to his personality. He is sometimes cold or manipulative and has a hard time forming relationships with others because of the uncertainty that he is not using it for money. However, he is attracted to the New Year. Yoojung has a different face and meaning behind her perfect attitude. He acts like he cares, but is actually cold and cunning and wants to control everything around him.

Unfortunately, while Hong Seol looks at the mysterious smoke of Jeong Jung, it captivates him and makes him uncomfortable. She thinks that she knows what Jung learned about herself, so after that day, she thinks that Yujeong hates her very much, and from that day on, Hong Seol's life begins to undergo a lot of changes. Her bad luck comes every day, and she suspects that she did Yoo because her attitude is different when no one is around.

Cheese in the Trap,Yoo Jeong,Hong Seol
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I got a scholarship and came back to class, but now Yoo Jung is completely different from before! He suddenly approached Hongseol and smiled, asking for lunch and dinner several times.

She's not sure who he is, but the distance between them starts a complicated awkward relationship. But over time, the love between them begins to bloom. Hong Seol slowly accepts her because she knows that she has a psychological disorder. Step by step Yun Jeong proves to Hongseol that his bad luck is not due to him, and in fact, Yoo Jeong-eun helps him from behind. -Ha, Jung Jung childhood friends.

In the past, they were stepbrothers of Yoo-Jeong but chose to separate due to the accident between Baek-ho and Yoo-Jeong. Baek-ho is a mess and grumpy person, but he actually takes care of others, especially his crazy twin Inha.

His relationship with Yoo-Jung certainly needed more work, but because he wanted to see and understand something different. It was worth her to be the first to pursue a relationship and to truly accept Yoo-Jung. The arrival of these twins further complicates Hong's life.

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