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Find Yourself 

Find Yourself is a 2020 Chinese television series starring Victoria SongSong Weilong, and Wang Yaoqing. The series airs on January 26, 2020, With 41 Episodes

Find Yourself-He Fanxing-Yuan Song-Ye Luming
Victoria SongHe FanxingA career woman who is inexperienced in love.
Song WeilongYuan SongA university student in love with He Fanxing.
Wang YaoqingYe LumingCEO of a company. He is romantically interested in He Fanxing.
Zhang YujianHe CanyangHe Fanxing's brother. Yuan Song's advisor and close friend.
Yu ShuxinCai MinminHe Canyang's love interest, Yuan Song’s University’s Junior and Lu Ming’s niece.
Fan Xing is 32 years old and a director of a small interior design company was relentlessly followed by Yuan Song (Song Weilong), the company's intern, although he was much younger. But she eventually agreed to a 3-month confidentiality relationship because she was deeply concerned about how parents and others would view their growing age gap. Facing relationship problems, the mature and dependable Ye Luming (Wang Yaoqing) - the CEO of an advertising agency, appears in her life under the guise of a relationship consultant. But Ye Luming had a secret agenda - to Qing He Fanxing from Yuan Song.

Ye Luming's appearance made Yuan Song feel insecure about his relationship with He Fanxing, prompting a misunderstanding between them.For He Fanxing, the choice between Yuan Song and Ye Luming was not just about love. But also the expectation that she should keep the traditional relationship and marriage rules. As the misunderstandings between He Fan Xing and Yuan Song escalate, Yuan Song tries to publicly reveal their relationship at a masquerade ball. But He Fanxing found himself unable to accept this and decided to break up with Yuan Song. Her situation worsened, her company faced the threat of an acquisition by rival design firm Aijia, leaving her in a midlife crisis.

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Not known to everyone, He Canyang - He Fanxing's younger brother - enters a relationship with Cai Minmin, Ye Luming's niece, and Yuan Song's schoolmate, which greatly complicates the complex situation between the characters. He Fanxing immediately tried to start a relationship with Ye Lu Ming, whom others saw as a perfect couple. He Fanxing's father was diagnosed with early-stage dementia, which gave her more patience to marry and have children for the benefit of her parents. She decided to try to fall in love with Ye Luming more consciously. He Fanxing and Ye Luming attended Steven's - Chairman Aijia's birthday party - daughter, yet they unexpectedly met Yuan Song, who was revealed to be a son. Steven's

He Fanxing finally found that no matter how much she tried to fall in love with Ye Lu Ming, she was unable to do so. Realizing that his search had become a lost cause, Ye Lu Ming decided to end the relationship and return to be friends. After their breakup, He Fanxing became clearer of what she wanted in the relationship. Discovering that Yuan Song went to Suzhou with another young woman to attend an architectural conference, He Fanxing hurriedly followed him there, finally reconciled and revealed their relationship immediately. Yuan Song decided to study abroad. But their relationship was not affected by the long distance. He Fanxing quit her job instead of opening a shop and eventually became a florist, having achieved success in both her career and relationships.