my girl chinese drama


My Girl

Chinese title: 99分女朋友/99 Fen Nu Peng You    
English title: My Girl 

Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Mental Illness?

Episodes:  24

Broadcast Date: 17/6/2020-7/9/2020


My Girl,Shen Yi,Meng Hui
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Zhao Yi Qin as Shen Yi

Li Jia Qi as Meng Hui
Pu Tao as Ah Tao
Tuo Zong Hua
Yang Ming Na

Plot Synopsis:

As a child, Meng Hui (Li Jiaqi) had a serious accident. Although she had suffered physical scars at that moment in her life, it was mental scars that caused the most damage. The incident caused trauma to Meng Hui. She developed a dissociative identity disorder that caused her to randomly switch between two different personalities. Meng Hui never knew when her replacement personality would appear. She struggled all her life and couldn't find a balance between the two sides.

Today, Meng Hui has grown into a makeup artist and began to create her own small homemade cosmetics series. Just like fate, in one of her episodes, she happened to be dating Zhao Yi Qin, the CEO of a large cosmetics company, and suddenly announced that she was his girlfriend. Although shocked by this sudden outbreak, Shen Yi believes that instead of showing up in public together, it is better to save face by playing. Conversely, when Shen Yi discovered that Meng Hui soon discovered that Meng Hui had developed a liquid foundation with liquid foundation, which had the potential to revolutionize the cosmetics industry, he was rewarded. Desperate to master her own formula, Shen Yi continued to play the role of this loyal boyfriend. This fact shocked Meng Hui once she surrendered control of her replacement character.

Although at first, Shen Yi was only interested in Meng Hui's formula, she soon discovered that she had fallen into her own life because of the girl's face. What's more surprising was that she seemed to be fascinated by him. But when Meng Hui learned that Shen Yi was responsible for the accident that changed her life these years ago, their relationship was finally tested. Will their love become a salve to heal their deepest wounds, or will they find that certain wounds do leave permanent scars?