Perfect Crime Japanese Drama Series

Perfect Crime

Origin: Japan, Adapted from a manga by Ririo & Aya Tsukisima
Genre: Affair, Romance, Thriller, Live-Action Manga
Release Date: January 2019
Episodes: 10 Episodes


  • Reina Triendl as Kaori Maejima
  • Dori Sakurada as Haruto Shinonome
  • Hidekashu Mashima as Takuma Fuyuki    

Kaori works for a design company. She is well known for her proficiency in her work, but said the novice who was the best designer in the New York office hates herself. Illegal conduct with the office boss in the office library.

He said she should never do her Shani Gun again in the library or in the office. If anyone else knows, her reputation for women and design planners will be undermined. They did well together. They had a drink with a customer who became an old friend of Shinonome. Customers said that Kaori and Shinonome should have a good mood and start a relationship.


Shinonome said that Kaori was caught. This caused Kaori to drink too much. Then she said she didn't respect herself. She lost herself. He said she may have been accused once or was a masked girl once in the past, but Kaori said she knew everything because she had to keep secrets with her boss, making her world so short that she lost her liveliness. What can she do? He told Kaori to break up with his boss, Takuma, while drinking a drink for Shinonome.

Perfect Crime,Shinonome,Kaori,Takuma

Shinonome told Kaori that she would visit her after drinking. And he kept an appointment when he got up from her apartment. The next day, I promised to break up with Takuma, and when I broke up, Shinonome and her current project complicated her life. She was warned by Takuma that she will know why soon, and her new design partner is Onon Yukiya, and she found a floating Prison with Shinonome.

Despite sleeping with Shinonome, she doesn't know her relationship with her. However, she realized that on her web she looked like a helplessly caught fly. Yukiya warned her not to get too deep in Shinonome. He knew him on his way back to New York, but didn't go into more detail, but still Kanori wanted to get closer to Shinonome. But she saw him an intimate moment with another woman next to the train station. The same woman was happily taking a selfie with Takuma at the riverside while later walking with Shinonome.

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