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It Started with a Kiss | Itazura na Kiss | Playful Kiss | Mischievous Kiss | They Kiss Again

It Started with a Kiss was based on the first 10 volumes of the Japanese manga series Itazura Na Kiss, Mischievous Kiss) written by Kaoru Tada

Japan 1996 Itazura Na Kiss 1
Taiwan 2005-6 It Started with a Kiss 1
Taiwan 2007-8 They Kiss Again 2
South Korea
Playful Kiss 1
Japan 2013 Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo  1
Japan 2014 Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo  2
Thailand 2015 Kiss Me 1
Taiwan 2016-17 Miss in Kiss 1
Japan 2016-17 Mischievous Kiss ( THE MOVIE) 3
Taiwan 2019 Fall in Love at First Kiss 1

It Started with a Kiss | Itazura na Kiss | Playful Kiss | Mischievous Kiss | They Kiss Again
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Main cast
  • Ariel Lin as Jiang Xian Qin, Kotoko Aihara in the manga, and Jiang Zhi Shu's wife
  • Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu, Naoki Irie in the manga, and Yuan Xiang Qin's husband
  • Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng(aka Ah Jin), Kinnosuke Ikezawa in the manga, and Yuan Xiang Qin's friend


Yuan Xiang qin (Ariel Lin) is a high school girl with a high IQ, naive but optimistic. Since meeting Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng) as a freshman, she has fallen in love with a genius with an IQ of 200. After being infatuated with him for two years, she finally plucked up the courage to confess to him that she had a love letter in school. Zhi Shu was not impressed, and Xiang Qin publicly humiliated him in front of the school.

That afternoon, the new house she had just moved into with her father collapsed in a small earthquake. She and her father were immediately homeless due to lack of predictability to pay for earthquake insurance. Fortunately, her father's old college friend reached out and invited the two of them to live in his house. Little Xiang Qin knew that Uncle Li was actually Uncle Jiang's father.

Because of this unexpected turn, Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin began to live their lives under the same roof. Shu Shu's mother is eager to gather them together, enticing Zhi Shu to coach Jia Qin and take pictures of the couple. Ji-sook remained indifferent to Xiang Qin, thinking she was one of the stupidest people he had ever met and refused to talk to her at school. Throughout the series, Zhishu slowly warmed up to Xiang Qin, and Xiang Xiang Qin did his best to do better for him because they deal with romantic opponents and their relationship in the future.

It starts with a kiss and ends with odd couples Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin getting married in a comic way. The sequel tells the story in their honeymoon and married lives. Xiang Qin, as always, has created many interesting situations when she learns to be a wife, strives to be a good nurse, and works with her gifted husband. The ambitious doctor encountered some obstacles in his studies. They met academic and romantic rivals, and they were determined to rule him.

Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin are not the only people with emotional problems. Xiang Qin’s childhood friend Ah Jin (Wang Erlang) dealt with the unwelcome feelings of Christine (Larisa Bakurova), Christina (English: Larisa Bakurova) is an English speaker The exchange student went against his wishes. The boyfriend of Xiang Qin's friend Chunmei (Yang Peiti), Abu (Yan Yalong), is pregnant, but his rich, noble mother is desperate to separate them. Uncle Zhi’s younger brother Yu Shu (Bohan Zhang) deals with his first love. Their story is very similar to that of Uncle Zhi and Xiang Qin.

Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin struggled in their professional ambitions, and they also struggled in their personal relationships. The ruthlessness of the Zhi Shu drove Xiang Qin to tears many times, and she tried to escape. When Xiang Qin's nursing student, Yang Qi Tai Figaro Ceng, got too close, Zhi Shu learned to understand and deal with his jealousy. He also tried to push Xiang Qin to a higher level of ambition and independence. Zhishu soon learned to love Xiangqin and forgive herself, Xiangqin worked harder to become a better wife and husband's nurse...

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