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Before We Get Married A 2019 TV series in Taiwan before we get married. The story is adapted from an original novel of the same title starring Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo and reunited after a series in Taiwan. The series aired with 13 episodes from May 31, 2019, to August 23, 2019

Lee Hui-Before We Get Married

The story begins with Shaw Wei and Chu Kehuan. Although Shaw Wee has a serious relationship with her serious and serious friend Lee Hui, who works for a similar company, none of his colleagues are above that. Their relationship celebrates their love for the company office, and Lee Haioi strictly adheres to their life plans, sticking to her plan to be frugal. Chu Kihuan, on the other hand, is a stockbroker. Skilled and talented, he was appointed CEO of the security company he works for. He has been living a luxurious life with her boyfriend Gao Juan for 10 years and is a beautiful woman who dedicates her life to it. Give it to him

The unexpected reunion between Zhou Wei and Chu Juan, Chu was amazed by her frugal principles and strong personality, and the Chu agreed to flirt with her and try to break up with his girlfriend, Gao Xi Yuan. Will refuses to let him go. Gao was an ally of Jian Shaw Wee and began to cross their path. When the Chu was trying to sell his apartment, Shaw and Lee ran through that apartment and it was more than budget. The Chu then made an inappropriate proposal to Shaw to spend the night with him for the difficult liberation of the apartment.

In a parallel story, Shaw's housewife Han Kefi is a different character who is suspected of having a romantic relationship and having fun with many men. However, she was a loyal friend and when she found out that Shaw had expressed her feelings for Choo Huan, she asked Shog to make a choice.

After selling their apartments in Shaw and Lee, Chu and Gao are invited to a housewife party on Maternity Day. Zhou's arrival prompted the Chu, and when Gao went to the neighborhood committee to meet Lee, Chu kissed Zhou and asked him to vote for him. When he returned to Lee's apartment, he offered to take Chu and Gao as witnesses. The Chu was shocked. He decided to sever ties with Gao Juan. But Gao Xuan begins to feel that there is a connection between him and Shaw. There were about a foot of scratches.

housewife-Before We Get Married

How will this drama lead watch further before we get married…….